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Cheryl and Jeff's Wedding


Cheryl and Jeff met over twelve year ago, while waiting in line for a North East classic, Rita's. They had their first date two weeks later. They both had decided, unbeknownst to the other, that this would be their last try at the dating scene. At dinner, the two clicked instantly and spent the whole night talking.

Ten years having created a little family together, Cheryl falling right into the partnering roll with Jeff's daughter Caitlin and Jeff becoming a loving dog Dad with all of Cheryl's dogs over the years, Jeff decided to pop the question! They decided they'd have their wedding where they took their very first trip together -- Aruba! Two years post engagement AND two date changes later, thanks Covid, the day had FINALLY come. Their closest friends and family gathered around them on a beautiful beach, the sun setting in the background as they said their vows. Jeff promising to always share his fries and Cheryl promising to always love Jeff as much as she loves her dogs, the two tied the knot.

The love and happiness between Cheryl and Jeff was contagious. The night ended in everyone joining them on the beach for some dancing. We wish Cheryl and Jeff a life time of happiness and cannot thank them enough for giving us the amazing opportunity to capture their love for one another, in Aruba no less.

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