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Sarah & Kevin 10.08.22

Updated: Apr 18

Sarah and Kevin's love story all began with a BBQ. Even though they both went to the same High School, the pair never met until a mutual friend brought them together, the rest was history.

For their first date Kevin picked up Sarah in his Uncle's vintage Corvette and took her out for sushi. Sarah's best friend Caitlin warned her years prior to never go anywhere on a first date that would show how messy of an eater she is, so sushi should be safe, right? Wrong. At the sushi restaurant, Sarah spilled soy sauce everywhere, which sparked his nickname for her "spilly Sare."

In July of 2020 Sarah and Kevin visited Shenandoah National Park. After going on a challenging hike down a mountain Kevin proposed to Sarah at a beautiful and secluded place near a stream. Since Sarah and Kevin describe their relationship as fun and adventurous, this was the perfect proposal, even with the "150 flight of stairs" it took to walk back up the steep trail.

Sarah and Kevin were married in a sweet backyard wedding in 2020 but chose to renew their vows and celebrate the occasion with all their family and friends. Cape Henlopen State Park was the perfect backdrop for their renewal, and they couldn't have asked for a better day. Surrounded by their family and officiated by one of their close friends, Sarah and Kevin reminded each other of why they love one another. They shared memories, experiences, and jokes about how many times they'll get married. After the ceremony the couple celebrated with their family, friends, and cutest dog Rosebud with lawn games, a food truck, and a mobile bar!

Congratulations once again to Sarah and Kevin, and good luck on your many adventures to come!

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