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Stephen & Raina's Wedding

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

06.12. 2021

Stephen and Raina's relationship started with a click of a button and a swipe right. A split second decision neither of them would forget leading them to their first date at a bar in Morristown. It was fate because they spent the whole night talking for hours and even had their first kiss under a streetlamp. After Stephen accepted that being with Raina also meant being with her two dogs Pumpkin and Peaches the two became inseparable. Their relationship became fun, loving, and adventurous. Whether they are working out, BOTH loving their dogs, or traveling they're doing it together. They have great memories (good/bad) including moving into their first house, having their first Thanksgiving, and cleaning up the pieces of Raina's broken sliding glass door. Through the ups and downs (cough cough Covid) they've continued to keep each other grounded and remain best friends.

Stephen proposed to Raina in February of last year at their favorite restaurant. This proposal led to their wedding on June 12, 2021, a beautiful day. It was full of laughs, and smiles, and pure joy not only between the two of them but all the guests as well! They got married in a gorgeous catholic church, Immaculate Conception in Somerville, New Jersey and became Mr. and Mrs. Robinson.

After the ceremony Stephen and Raina got to ride in an antique Rolls Royce to their reception at the Basking Ridge Country Club. Taking photos with the car was the icing on the cake for their stunning couple photos! The night ended by partying on the dance floor with all their guests. We are so honored to have photographed their day filled with love.

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