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Steven & Kathleen's Wedding


"He loves me for who I am. I can be myself around him and he's not frightened by my faults. We're always laughing, and we have so many inside jokes together." -Kathleen

"She's the most beautiful person in the world. I love her personality and humor. We laugh together and enjoy a lot of the same TV shows. She takes care of me every day and I wouldn't be who I am without her." -Steven

Steven and Kathleen's relationship started with a first date to Dublin House in Red Bank. There the couple shared their first kiss and knew there was a spark. As they spent more time together they found out just how similar they were, enjoying each other's company, laughing, watching movies, and wearing pj's around the house. Seven years later the two now own a house together and spend their time loving their dog Roci. She was even a part of their proposal on Kathleen's birthday. Steven proposed to Kathleen in their home while playing with the pup, pretending to bend down to pick up her toy but instead got down on one knee with a gorgeous ring. Of course she said yes!

Steven and Kathleen's relationship can be described in three words, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Spend time with the two of them and you can immediately tell how true that is. They are both so in tune with each others needs, and can communicate with just a look.

Their wedding took place at Oyster Point Hotel in the same town where they had their first date! Kathleen got ready with her sister Allyson and best friend Jim, while Steven got ready with his brother Kevin and best friend Collin. After getting ready Steven and Kathleen had their first look out by the water. It was a moment full of smiles and you can tell how excited they were to see each other.

Steven and Kathleen's ceremony was filled with all their closest family and friends. They shared their vows full of inside jokes and their love for each other, putting a smile on every guest's face. Cocktail hour was full of excitement, filled with extended family excited to reconnect with one another.

Even though Roci was not physically at the wedding, Steven and Kathleen made sure to include her in the most adorable way, through their reception details, which was described as their backyard through Roci's eyes. Everything from the menu to the table decorations radiated a whimsical fall theme that included cute little animals and romantic candle lighting.

Steven and Kathleen were welcomed into their reception filled with guests ready to celebrate. Their first dance was to Glory by Umphrey's McGee. Kathleen shared a beautiful dance with her father, and Steven had a sweet moment dancing with his mother. Amazing speeches were given by those close to them. Then, it was time to party! After a day filled with love and laughter the night ended with a final dance to Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. Cheers to Kathleen and Steven!

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